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Vibe Check - Tarot Reading

Vibe Check - Tarot Reading

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Our "Vibe Check" is offered every Friday. A "Vibe Check" Tarot reading is a single card energy reading on your given question. This reading is delivered with a picture of your "Vibe Check" tarot card, an explanation of the card, how the card applies to your reading & a channeled music message. 

All "Vibe Check" Tarot readings are delivered via email or DM. 

For this reading, Brooklyn Goddess Kay will need

Name(s), Birthday(s), a Question. 

If you're unsure of what type of question to ask. that can be formulated for you for a small consultation fee of $5. 

The duration time on all of our readings is how long this reading will be worked on. 


All readings are to be delivered 2-3 days* after the purchase date, you will receive an email when your reading is ready. If there are any delays, you will be notified via email. There are no refunds on readings. 

*Vibe check is our only same-day delivery reading!

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