Flying Cute Green Butterfly
Hotter Than The Sun - Glamour

Hotter Than The Sun - Glamour

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This Goddess Bundle was crafted to make you the hottest one on the block. You’ll have so many options presented to you, you won’t know what to do with yourself. 

This Goddess Bundle included the follow: 

Hot Commodity - Glamour Goddess Soap 

Bosse$ Only - Attraction Goddess Mist 

Goddess Aura - Beauty Goddess Body Oil 


We suggest using this Goddess Bundle in order from Goddess Soap, Goddess Body Oil, Goddess Mist 

All items can be used daily. Please utilize with safety and precaution. 


Please know we are not responsible for any allergic reactions to our products. We suggest sampling our products on a small area of skin before use. If you wish to have the ingredient list sent to you before purchasing that can be delivered to you via email: 

If you are to experience an allergic reaction to any products we will send you a subsite product to replace the product that has caused a reaction. 

Flying Cute Green Butterfly Flying Cute Green Butterfly