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FAQ - Shipping & Store Policies

Shipping, Missing Order + Wrong Items
All operations of our business are solely run. Due to this, shipping can sometimes be delayed. Here at The Goddess Way by Brooklyn Goddess Kay, we strive to unite you with your Goddess Goodies within 14- 25 business days(2 -3 weeks)* of your purchase. This time frame is to take into account bottling, blessing and packaging of your order. In the event that your shipping time exceeds our 14- 25(2-3 weeks)* business days, you will be notified via email. We also strive to keep our social media updated with all information in regards to shipment, restock and new products.  For all physical products orders, once given a tracking number you can expect your package in 1-3 days* This delivery time is all dependent on location and the USPS. All of our shipping is currently priority mail. 
*If there are to be any changes to your shipping timeline  you will be contacted via personal &/or mass email & social media* 
“ I didn't receive my order and I received a tracking #” 
Sadly due to the pandemic and sometimes mismanagement, packages get lost in the mail. In the event of you not receiving a package or it being delivered and stolen. Here at The Goddess Way we don’t hesitate to replace any orders. Your order will be replaced with the information that we have on file for your order. If there are to be any changes please alert us. 
“ I order this oil, but I got the wrong form” 
Silly us! Sometimes mistakes happen. Luckily, we have no problem fixing it. If you are to receive the wrong form of your order, we ask that you keep the product that has been sent to you and give us your patience as we work to send you the right item. 
For all other questions & concerns please make sure to contact us at or
Additional Notes 

We are currently a one person operation. All products are handmade and blessed by the Brooklyn Goddess. We ask that you allow 2-3 weeks for shipping of your order. If your shipping time is to exceed the 2-3 week waiting period. You will be notified via email and social media. 

Refunds are issued to customers who display unkind behavior, have not followed purchasing instructions or have waited more than 12 months for delivery of their order and no longer wish to receive it. 

However. We ask that you understand that these products are not traditionally made beauty products. They are reliant on the spiritual health of Brooklyn Goddess Kay. Again we stress that if there are to be delays you will be informed via email and social media. Late orders are always sent with a discount code and either an upgrade to a product ordered (larger size) or an additional product (this is for orders over $70 USD)

We are not responsible for any allergic reactions to our products. We don’t issue refunds for allergic reactions. However we will send a replacement product in similar dollar value