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FAQ - Products Use

All you need to know about The Goddess Way By Brooklyn Goddess Kay
What are Goddess intention oils? 
Goddess Intention Oils are dressing oils that can be used alongside your personal magick practice. Each Intention oil is crafted with herbs, flowers, spices & stones that correspond with the intention of the oil ( love, money...etc). These oils are intended to enchant what is in your life, they are not a fix to your problems. You must put yourself in the energy of your oil in order for your use of the oil to be successful. Example, If your intent is to welcome more money into your life, make sure that you are engaging in tasks that allow for you to welcome more money into your life. Our oils are traditionally crafted over 3-4 week periods and from some longer.
How can I use the Goddess Intention Oil? 
Our Goddess Intention Oils can be used in numerous ways. All of our oils are made with an Olive + Sunflower Oil base. We recommend that before applying our oil to various parts of your body that you test a small patch on the inside of your wrist. We only suggest that our “Everybody Eats” Goddess Intention Oil is used moderately on the skin due to the use of stones & real dollar bills. The use of our Goddess Intention Oil revolves around the form that you purchased your oil in. 
I purchased a Goddess Roll On 
Our Goddess Roll On is perfect for everyday use. The Goddess Roll On is also perfect for on the go use. For our roll on we suggest taking your roll on and applying it in a circle motion on the inside & outside of your hands, the top of your feet, your third eye (in between your brows) and the back of your neck. This method makes sure that you are covered on all planes of your body! For that extra use, If you’re purchasing a love Goddess Intention Oil we suggest rubbing the oil in the middle of your chest to activate your heart chakra. 
I purchased a Goddess Dropper
Our Goddess Dropper is perfect for those that plan to use their Goddess Intention Oil for many projects. The Goddess Dropper gives you freedom to use the Goddess Intention Oil on your body, on your jewelry, on any divination tools and even in your bath!  We suggest that when using your Goddess Intention Oil that you place the oil on the inside & outside of your hands, the top of your feet, your third eye ( in between your brows) and the back of your neck. 
With the use of the dropper you can apply the Goddess Intention Oil to your candles for candle magick, to your gemstones to heighten their energy, to your jewelry to activate that energy in the things you wear and when adding to your bath, please test a small patch of skin before adding large of amounts to any part of your body. The only Goddess Intention Oil that we advise to not be used in a bath is our “Everybody Eats” Money Manifestation Oil. 
In the description of each oil, we discuss how to utilize each specific oil. 
Goddess Baths, Scrubs, Butters and Mist 
All of our Goddess Beauty may be used as traditional beauty items they are fashioned over. Specific baths and other Goddess Beauty items that require steps/and or instructions will be sent with order and added to the product description. 
We suggest with use of our products that you increase water intake and maintain healthy habits in order to increase the results of our products. 
Please always keep in mind that spiritual tools only work as much as you do!