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All you need to know about The Goddess Way By Brooklyn Goddess Kay
What are Goddess intention oils? 
Goddess Intention Oils are dressing oils that can be used alongside your personal magick practice. Each Intention oil is crafted with herbs, flowers, spices & stones that correspond with the intention of the oil ( love, money...etc). These oils are intended to enchant what is in your life, they are not a fix to your problems. You must put yourself in the energy of your oil in order for your use of the oil to be successful. Example, If your intent is to welcome more money into your life, make sure that you are engaging in tasks that allow for you to welcome more money into your life. Our oils are traditionally crafted over 3-4 week periods and from some longer.
How can I use the Goddess Intention Oil? 
Our Goddess Intention Oils can be used in numerous ways. All of our oils are made with an Olive + Sunflower Oil base. We recommend that before applying our oil to various parts of your body that you test a small patch on the inside of your wrist. We only suggest that our “Everybody Eats” Goddess Intention Oil is used moderately on the skin due to the use of stones & real dollar bills. The use of our Goddess Intention Oil revolves around the form that you purchased your oil in. 
I purchased a Goddess Roll On 
Our Goddess Roll On is perfect for everyday use. The Goddess Roll On is also perfect for on the go use. For our roll on we suggest taking your roll on and applying it in a circle motion on the inside & outside of your hands, the top of your feet, your third eye (in between your brows) and the back of your neck. This method makes sure that you are covered on all planes of your body! For that extra use, If you’re purchasing a love Goddess Intention Oil we suggest rubbing the oil in the middle of your chest to activate your heart chakra. 

I purchased a Goddess Dropper
Our Goddess Dropper is perfect for those that plan to use their Goddess Intention Oil for many projects. The Goddess Dropper gives you freedom to use the Goddess Intention Oil on your body, on your jewelry, on any divination tools and even in your bath!  We suggest that when using your Goddess Intention Oil that you place the oil on the inside & outside of your hands, the top of your feet, your third eye ( in between your brows) and the back of your neck. 
With the use of the dropper you can apply the Goddess Intention Oil to your candles for candle magick, to your gemstones to heighten their energy, to your jewelry to activate that energy in the things you wear and when adding to your bath, please test a small patch of skin before adding large of amounts to any part of your body. The only Goddess Intention Oil that we advise to not be used in a bath is our “Everybody Eats” Money Manifestation Oil. 

In the description of each oil, we discuss how to utilize each specific oil. 
What is a Goddess Reading?
A Goddess Reading is an energy reading that is carried out through multiple forms of divination. Our current main focus of divination is tarot & oracle cards. Many of our Goddess Readings often come with crystal or gemstone suggestions and sometimes channel songs depending on the reading.
What is tarot? 
Tarot is the practice of energy reading through cards. There are many uses to tarot & a tarot reading can be helpful when searching for clarity, need confirmation or getting a possible look into future outcomes.
 Tarot IS NOT a definitive answer (energy is forever changing + you have the energy to change what you please) 
Tarot IS NOT a replacement for medical services ( doctor visits, therapy, medication) 
Tarot IS NOT demonic. There are many misconceptions about the art of tarot reading. Remember that everything on this planet is energy in movement. Tarot, as many other forms of divination allows us to tap into that energy and read it for you. 
Tarot IS a great aid for those who are willing & open to the messages that are given from a reading. 
Tarot IS perfect for spiritual elevation. When used properly tarot can help you unlock parts of yourself & your relationships that you never thought of. 

How long does a tarot reading take? 
This answer all depends on your reader or the form of reading that you are performing. Each reader has different delivery times and even with delivery times that date can change due to the energy in theirs or yours personal life. To tap into the scared energy of the universe, a tarot reader has to get the okay from their & yours spirit team. Think about tarot readings as baking a cake specifically for you. You want your measurements, baking time & decorating time to all go as planned. 
A traditional reading can be 20 -30 mins long, depending on your reader and the topic youre reading on.  For myself, my general readings are typically 20 mins long. These readings come with a breakdown of all the cards received in your spread. Information that came through mediation & anything that is revealed to myself when going over your spread. 
The fastest delivery time reading that one can receive is a reading through FT or in person. For FT or in person readings are reserved for those that I have read for already & wish to expand our tarot reading relationship. 
The current form that our readings can be offered in are written, video and voice. 
How do I book a reading? 
Though you may want a reading, I may not be the person to perform it. If you're interested in a reading, I ask that you email me at In this email please make sure to include your Full name or preferred name, your birthday & the type of reading you would like. If you are aware of what you would like to read on or have a specific question that you have for the cards please also include this in your email. From here I will ask my deck if they would like to read with you or determine from your email if a reading is needed on the topic that you wish to read on and we will plan a reading date and delivery date from there. 
From this point, you will be redirected back to the website to purchase your reading so that we both have digital records outside of email that a reading is to be performed. 
If there is to be any delays in your reading delivery time, there will be additional cards pulled for your reading. These additional cards can be pulled in regards to your question or on another topic. The additional topic will be discussed in the event that you have been emailed that there will be a delay on your reading. 
There are NO REFUNDS on readings. Tarot reading takes a lot of energy out of the reader. The amount of preparation that goes into a reading can not equate to any money. This is why I have a no refund policy on readings. If the reading is delayed and you no longer “need” the reading, a new question can be asked or you can subsite your reading for any item off of The Goddess Way by Brooklyn Goddess Kay site. 
What if I don’t like the reading? 
I am always open to feedback and encourage those I read for that if there are any parts of their reading that they don’t resonate with that they please let me know immediately. I also tell each person who is to receive a reading that energy takes time to appear. Something that may not resonate now, may make sense later in time. This very event  is why sometimes readings are delayed. Know that you head the message when it is time for you to hear it. 
Again, there are NO REFUNDS on readings. If in the event that your reading doesn’t resonate, cards can be pulled for you again TWO WEEKS after you have received your reading. This allows for the energy to move around and give us new insight. 

Shipping, Missing Order + Wrong Items
All operations of our business are solely run. Due to this shipping can sometimes be delayed. Here at The Goddess Way by Brooklyn Goddess Kay, we strive to unite you with your Goddess Goodies within 14- 20 business days of your purchase. This time frame is to take into account bottling, blessing and packaging of your order. In the event that your shipping time exceeds our 14- 20 business days, you will be notified via email. We also strive to keep our social media updated with all information in regards to shipment, restock and new products.  For all physical products orders, once given a tracking number you can expect your package in 1-3 days* This delivery time is all dependent on location and the USPS. All of our shipping is currently priority mail. 
“ I didn't receive my order and I received a tracking #” 
Sadly due to the pandemic and sometimes mismanagement, packages get lost in the mail. In the event of you not receiving a package or it being delivered and stolen. Here at The Goddess Way we don’t hesitate to replace any orders. Your order will be replaced with the information that we have on file for your order. If there are to be any changes please alert us. 
“ I order this oil, but I got the wrong form” 
Silly us! Sometimes mistakes happen. Luckily, we have no problem fixing it. If you are to receive the wrong form of your order, we ask that you keep the product that has been sent to you and give us your patience as we work to send you the right item. 
For all other questions & concerns please make sure to contact us at