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SACRED FEMININE - Transformation Goddess Intention Oil

SACRED FEMININE - Transformation Goddess Intention Oil

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 This Goddess intention oil is a transformation oil that encourages liberation. Liberation from shame, outdated beliefs in regards to sex & any blockages that keep you from being your true self. This intention oil was crafted & charged on my Isis altar! The Divine Mother. With her assistance, this oil will allow for you to get in tune with your very own divine feminine energy, allow for more sensuality in your life & to enchant your natural gifts & sex Magick! the recipe for this oil came to me in very deep meditation. It was charged with the Scorpio Full Pink Super Moon & will be charged again with the Eclipse on May 26th.  

 We advise using this Goddess Intention Oil with a black, red, or orange candle. The best days of the week to use this Goddess Intention Oil would be Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If you would like to learn more about candle magick we recommend joining our Patreon. This Goddess Intention Oil is made with snake oil and we advise that this oil is mainly used on candles. If you would like to use this oil on your skin we suggest testing first! We are not responsible for any allergic reactions. 

We ask that you test some of this Goddess Intention Oil on your skin before applying it to other parts of your body. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions. If there is to be an allergic reaction or would like to know if you're allergic to any items in this oil please email us at

All Goddess Intention Oils can be used on the skin. We ask that before large body use you test a small patch of skin on the inner wrist before applying to any other part of your body. 

Our Goddess Droppers are perfect for anointing candles. We suggest that you use our Goddess Intention Oil to anoint purple, blue, & white candles. 

For Goddess Roll-On use, we suggest that you apply our Goddess Intention Oil to your wrist, forehead, nape of your neck. 

Please know we are not responsible for any allergic reactions to our products. We suggest sampling our products on a small area of skin before use. If you wish to have the ingredient list sent to you before purchasing that can be delivered to you via email: 

If you are to experience an allergic reaction to any products we will send you a subsite product to replace the product that has caused a reaction. 

Flying Cute Green Butterfly Flying Cute Green Butterfly