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Spiritual Protection: The Power of Our Words

Protection is often a word that can scare us. We have learned that protection often calls for physical action and though this thought is true, we forget that our greatest form of protection is our mind. The habits we choose, the things we allow to influence us all play a role in our protection. When we speak about spiritual protection we have to keep in mind that we live in a society that allows thousands of others to have access to our energy. With the growing day and age, the growing interest and learning of spiritual work and practice, we must position ourselves to become extremely knowledgeable about not just keeping ourselves physically protected but, spiritually protected as well. 

Forming a spiritual routine around protection doesn’t have to be hard or difficult. It can be easy day to day habits that you soon won’t even realize that you’re doing. The first form of spiritual protection that I would like for us to discuss is the power of our tongue. Our words are one of the most powerful tools we can have. We often overlook this because we are taught that we need to buy an oil or buy this necklace. Yes, those things are helpful. Yet, we must learn how to work with the basics. When all else fails, we have to realize that our physical body, our mind, our belief will be our greatest form of protection. 

When we speak about using our words, depending on your faith many may shun away from the power of prayer. Though there may be debate about prayer, who you are praying to or what you are praying about. Prayer doesn’t have to be linked to organized religion. Prayer is a plea to the universe, which you yourself are an extension. Prayer will allow the universe to do two things,  either respond to your request or to remind you to dream and think bigger. 

You now may come to the realization that you may not know how to pray. This is fine. There are many debates about if there is a proper way to pray. I feel personally through my spiritual experience that prayer is a matter of heart and mind. Again, your mind is your most powerful spiritual tool. You must feed it daily, care for it, water it, detox it, and program it to benefit you. In olorisha worship ( I am a spiritual baptist for those unaware) We refer to head as the “Ori”. This is the spirit of your head. As other may call it, your higher self. The one that guides you. 

Even if you dont practice an ifa based religion, you can still pray to your “Ori” I suggest upon rising, the first thing you should pray for is clarity in your day. Once praying for clarity and guidance in your day, you may start your prayer of protection. It can be a simple as “I pray my mind, my heart and, my body are protected and covered in divine light continually ”  What will make prayer affective as protection in your life is repetition. Repetition programs the brain. The brain creates our reality. We, to an extent are the creators of our reality( There is many debate. However, that will be another post). Now, reprogramming the brain, will take time. You may find yourself “slipping” back into old thoughts and beliefs that “limit”you. The reason why I put quotes around limit is because the brain at the time doesn’t see what you may be defined as a limit as such. The brains idea is to protect. We must teach it to trust our spirit. We teach it by praying to ourselves. Once we have formed a relationship with praying to ourselves, we can then branch out to other energies to pray to. Depending on your faith or desired methods of practice, I would next suggest your ancestors. Prayer to your ancestors will be our next discussion. However, following or side by side praying to our ancestors, I would suggest praying to God. 

Goddess Recap: 

  • Our greatest form of spiritual protection is our words, and our mind 
  • We must pray with our heart and our mind. 
  • Prayer needs to be honest and it needs faith in order to work 
  • If we feel there is no response to our prayers, the universe is asking us to think bigger 

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