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Flying Cute Green Butterfly

"Entice Me": Love Bundle

What to find at The Goddess way

Brooklyn Love Punch

Our second love scent in our Goddess Butter collection. This Goddess Butter was crafted to give you warm scents of citrus wrapped in soft touches of ylang ylang & honey suckle to keep the love in your life sweet. 

Oshun's Honey

Our Oshun's Honey was crafted with the powerful yoruba deity Oshun in mind. Her powers bring luck, love & beauty into your life. We hope that with this perfectly crafted Goddess Butter that you are able to encompass all the amazing attributes of this Goddess. 

EverGREEN Money

The EverGREEN Money Goddess Mist was crafted with the intention to draw money into your life while also giving you the perfect energy to keep & mantain your new found abundance.

Wake Up Love

Wake Up Love is our newest addition to our Goddess line. This coffee sugar scrub is bound to leave you soft to the touch & radiating love. 

Goddess Intention Oils

Covered In Kisses is just one of our best selling Goddess Intention Oil. Our intention oils are crafted to help you mainifest what you desire.

Goddess Reviews

Thank YOU. When using your products it's obvious they were made with hands of love.


Addicted to the spray! IT IS LIFE. The butter made my body feel like a baby's bottom


Everything is amazing. It all smells delicious and the texture of your butter is smooth when applying!


Honestly, you did a wonderful job with the mist & the butter. I spray myself every morning & I fall more & more in love with the scent. The butter has been so moisturizing for me. Thank you so much for making these items. I'm really loving them. 




Hii I just wanted to tell you that I got the products and they are AMAZING!! Thank you again for your time & effort!! They smell & look phenomenal.


I received my order & I love it soooo much it smells DIVINE!! Thank you! 


I'm loving the Goddess Butter. I have keratosis on my arms & it's helped clear it up so much, not even prescription crams could do that. 


Brooklyn Goddess Kay

Goddess Insight